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Tyler Renney

DJ Unknown

Owner / Club DJ / Mobile DJ

I started out as a club DJ 25 years ago. I have worked in all sorts of clubs, Top 40's Bars, Country bars, Dance Clubs, A Latin Club. Over the years people from the bars and clubs have asked me to DJ there weddings and Christmas partys. So over time i started doing more weddings and partys then club gigs. And for the last 20 years i mostly do weddings and private partys.

Starting in the clubs and over the years i have lurned to read the crowd. I know what songs get people dancing, what songs pack the floor. Know when to play a few slow songs. I know how to build up a dance floor and bring it back down to an amazing finish.

Tommy Twister

Tommy the Tune Twister

Club DJ

Here he is, The Hurricane of Horrors, The Tornado of Terror, The One, The Only, The Legendary, Tommy Twister.

Tommy Twister has been working in some of the best clubs in Vancouver and Lower Mainland for more than 30 years.

He is our go to guy for the biggest and best club nights around. With great music, a great style and the passion to make the most amazing nights everyone will remember.

Ryley Freemantle


Club DJ / Mobile DJ

Uncivilized is a great Dj with a background as a club DJ specializing in high energy dance / EDM music.

He is a great choice as a club or mobile DJ when you are looking an amazing night of fun, dancing and a great time.

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